All-in-One Medical Image Management and Transfer System

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- Receive and Send Studies

- Immediate Access

- Professional Tools

- Robust DICOM Viewer

- Import CDs/DVDs/Flash Drives

- Convert to DICOM

- Anonymize Patient Data

- Send to PACS


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- Receive your Studies

- Send studies to Professionals

- Keep all your family images in one place

- Share images

- Print images

- View images

- Store images securely

- HIPAA Compliant



MatrixRay: Pay for only what you need

Transfer patient studies. No hidden costs or fees. Enjoy a host of other free features including a built-in DICOM Image Viewer, Query/Retrieve from PACS, Anonymize Study, Import Studies from Disc, and many more!

    Cut Costs

With MatrixRay your institution can eliminate the ongoing costs of: Compact Discs - Ink Cartridges - Disc Publishers - Service Plans - Shipping Fees

   Save Time

MatrixRay can be used wherever it's needed, whether it be in a lab, at home, or in various departments across the hospital.

   Easy To Use

MatrixRay lets you focus on patients. It is safe, secure and compliant. Intuitive, oversized buttons provide a simple and seamless user experience.